Compliance and Legal services

Why do you need Compliance and Legal services?

It is imperative for employers to ensure that their organizations are compliant with ever changing employment laws in India. Even slight negligence or silliest error can lead to complicated litigations and can prove to be very expensive in terms of money as well as reputation. Based on a recent survey; fewer than 10 percent of the organizations believe that the overall compliance burden will decrease. So, organizations do find it noteworthy yet not a feasible option to hire a fulltime skilled resource to manage compliance and legal.

Why do organizations don’t find it feasible to hire a fulltime resource to manage compliance and legal?

Some of the most common reasons are:

  1. They believe it is best when experts manage it for them and outsourcing is the proven option to have a non-core business function.
  2. Not because it is expensive to hire resources but for not finding value in managing the noncore business function.
  3. Not having sufficient work load for the noncore business function that they may setup.
  4. Not having required level of knowledge to supervise.

Why should you choose MindsDirect?

MindsDirect works with predetermined service levels that are strictly adhered to. With a collective experience of over seven decades; we have a thorough understanding of issues relating to Companies Act of 1956 and 2013, employment laws, compliances and social welfare legislations; we not only advise our clients but also defend their interests before various authorities, industrial tribunals, labor courts, High Courts and the Supreme Court of India.

How does partnering with MindsDirect help you?

Partnering with MindsDirect will help you in finding timely advice or guidance to manage through India’s complex laws. We also help you with compliance audits and due diligence to ensure your company stays within the regulatory norms and avoid costly fines or penalties, including the potential harm to your organization’s reputation. We always strive to utilize our client’s time and money effectively and efficiently by identifying opportunities for arbitration, mediation and conciliation to resolve the disputes amicably.

What do we offer as a retainer for compliance & legal services?

Some of the services that we offer under Retainer Ship model:

  1. Guidance and Opinions on Employment Laws, Company Law, Business Law
  2. Guidance and Opinions on Statutory Compliance, Workmen’s Compensation
  3. Vetting Of NDA, Employment Agreements, Sales Agreements, Vendor Agreements, Manufacturing & Supply Agreements, Outsourcing / Offshore Agreements and any other agreements,
  4. Creating & Managing Arbitration Cell for handling all types of Disputes and Litigations,
  5. Creating & Managing Work Place / Sexual Harassment Cell,
  6. Legal Scrutiny / Analysis of Policies / Employee Handbooks.

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