Our hiring philosophy: We strive to ensure that we consistently hire bright, out-of-the-box thinkers, passionate & dedicated HR professionals to support our clients.

Success Factor: The most important attributes required to be successful at MindsDirect are: Perfectionism, Dedication, Determination, and capability to Continuously & Consistently Learn.

Work Environment: We foster free exchange of ideas to find new, creative ways to address every challenge that our clients throw at us. Only the hardworking and motivated team members have found MindsDirect as a stress-free work place.

Career progression: We are an end-to-end HR Services organization, our teams get full exposure to learn and explore opportunities to grow in areas of individual interest as well. Our team members never say NO; they always strive and figure out a way to deliver the desired results.

Performance Management: At MindsDirect we are passionate to ensure a level-playing field when it comes to measuring team’s performance. Every team member is measure on a 5-Point scale (1 being the least and 5 best) that is designed to give complete clarity on progress made on a monthly basis.

Work-Life Balance: Our leave structure supports an active work-life balance. Special occasions like team member’s birthday or wedding anniversary that fall on working days are eligible to take the day off without affecting their leave balance.

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