HR Managed Services

HR Managed Services

HR Managed Services is a comprehensive solution designed to provide a superior alternative to building and maintaining an in-house HR Department for small and mid–size companies. Our strategies primarily focus on building a client organization that has advantage over their competitors in attracting, developing, motivating and retaining competent professionals.

We believe in delivering world class experience to client’s employees through a tailored service model.

Our Approach:

We at MindsDirect believes that it is imperative for us to build an enduring relationship with our clients. MindsDirect’s relationship with clients begins right from the first conversation during which, we would discuss on all vital aspects – organization size, organization structure, attrition rate, hiring numbers, prevailing constraints and HR budget.

We work closely with our clients to understand their short term and long term goals, list of accomplishments to be made in the next one year and help them define success for their HR department. Once the HR needs are determined, we work in collaboration with our clients to make a proposal that accommodates their needs within the budgets and yet provide a class apart HR Solution.

Process to on-board a new client for HR Managed Services:

The acceptance of proposal, paves way for a comprehensive HR Audit which is carried out with an objective to evaluate the effectiveness of prevailing policies and processes; to check if it supports a sustainable growth for our clients.

On completion of the HR Audit; with a clear understanding of the client’s business need we draw a priority chart and discuss with the client’s management team to ensure the priorities and expectations are aligned. This will eventually lead to an annual calendar that details a list of deliverables and timeframe to achieve it. On having performed a detailed study with at most precision, we meticulously prepare a project plan to develop and manage all the HR functions which serves as a proposal for HR managed services.

Value adds of HR Managed Services:

  • When situations demand an increase in the HR bandwidth, we have the ability to quickly mobilize resources within our organization to address those challenging situations without increasing the HR budget permanently.
  • Our client centric policies guide us towards providing a need based strategic support that results in maximizing value and gain cost efficiency for our clients.
  • Our experience has enabled us to develop a substantially large knowledge base that has helped us work with a proactive approach; most of our actions are towards preventive measure and less of corrective measures.
  • Our streamlined processes compliment our well trained professionals to meet with aggressive deadlines effortlessly and ensure client deliverables.
  • With professionals from different industry backgrounds, we bring unique capabilities to implement global HR strategies and resolve the business concerns of our client.
  • We provide our clients the assurance of an attrition proof HR team and ensure continuous productivity throughout the course of our partnership.
  • Our track record illustrates our potential in helping clients make a tangible improvement in the quality of professionals acquired and enable them to come together as a cohesive unit.

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