MindsDirect History

MindsDirect India Private Limited formerly known as MindsDirect Business Solutions is a brainchild of our founder – Pramodh who believes & drives the team to define excellence and design tangible steps to achieve it. The name ‘MindsDirect’ was conceptualized based on the ‘Mind’ which is the origin of ideas and these ideas need right ‘Direction’ to drive results.

MindsDirect provides Strategic HR solutions for small and mid size organizations in India. Since it’s inception in 2008 MindsDirect has been providing strategic HR support to establish best practices for client organizations. Our expertise has been in customizing Best of globally accepted strategic HR Practices for Indian SME and help them to align workforce with their organization’s culture, values, and business objectives.

Unique Positioning

We observed that small and mid size organizations in India have tremendous potential to grow however growth beyond a certain stage seemed to be a challenge. This lead to a study and on interaction with entrepreneurs we learnt that the causes for most of their challenges were linked with managing human resource. The comparison of prevailing HR practices in small and mid size organizations and global standards of HR practices helped us realize that their challenge was to strategically align the human capital with business needs.

In our opinion customizing and introducing global best practices to manage human resource would enhance the possibilities of achieving continuous business growth for SME organizations in India. This inspired us to start MindsDirect with an aim to provide world class  strategic HR solutions

And then the transformation…

MindsDirect has always been striving to maintain flexibility and cater to the clients every HR need. In the process of servicing our clients for all their needs we have developed competencies within MindsDirect that makes us a class apart solutions provider. Over a period of time the rising client expectations demanded us to take a step ahead of strategic HR solution and think beyond their expectations. This lead us towards creating a new set of services such as HR Managed Services and HR Staff Augmentation to ensure that we provided more value in our solutions and services

Keeping apace with the change…

In MindsDirect’s endeavor to function as a positive change agent, we push the limits of benefits that clients can attain with our collaboration. To aid our clients in making considerable improvements, we developed solutions for their in-house HR Department that gave them an edge over their competitors. However some of our clients realized that in order to ensure effective implementation of the proposed HR solutions, it would be most appropriate to engage our team to take complete responsibility of implementation. Some of them looked even beyond implementation and wanted us to own the complete HR function. Thereby on demand from our eminent clients, we have been functioning as their HR Department; providing the most cost effective and innovative HR solution and helping them attain organizational excellence through the association.

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