Hiring Engine – an effective recruitment strategy

It is a comprehensive recruitment solution offered to a clients hiring needs; once assigned to MindsDirect the client need not have to make any further investments on the recruitment and selection function; such as a database, job ads, phone, resource etc, the hiring engine comes with all the essential tools to ensure its success and this one of the primary reasons for us to call it efficient and effective Recruitment Strategy.

It is a well defined and a robust process yet flexible enough to be customized to suit each client, it is a highly focused and an accountable service model. It is designed to increase efficiency in the hiring process which paves way in rewarding the client with close to 40% of savings and this makes it a cost effective recruitment strategy. Click Here to Compare Cost

Comparison Of Value proposition Hiring Engine

The uniqueness of this service model enables a flexible work force management system within your HR department resulting in higher return on investments there by making Hiring Engine an efficient as well as cost effective recruitment strategy.

Our Approach to Hiring Engine – an effective recruitment strategy

We work in collaboration with the client organizations to gain an understanding of the ongoing processes after signing an NDA; on attaining complete process knowledge we document it, analyze it and recommend necessary changes. Once we have the approval and a signed agreement; we develop internal controls, check points and set benchmarks to ensure optimal results are achieved during the course of service.

The differential advantage of  Hiring Engine – an effective recruitment strategy:

  • Accountability: MindsDirect’s agreement to make agreed number of offers within the agreed up on time lines.
  • Fully equipped backend team to ensure agreed results are delivered.
  • Recruitment and selection process reengineering to achieve superior results: Our track record has been 95% (from offer to joining ratio).
  • In situations demanding a further increase in bandwidth for recruitment function the client organizations can benefit from our ability to mobilize resource quickly.
  • Onsite Resources to mange recruitment activities –Wherein the resources will have face to face interactions with hiring panel on the feedback of resumes and interviews which helps the resource to source, prospect and shortlist better quality CV’s thereby lowering the rejection ratio.
  • Real time reports on Hiring Lead Time, Available VS Suitable Talent Pool, etc, – It helps the organization to a certain extent in Manpower planning & know the actual lead time to get the resources on-board.

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