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MindsDirect is an initiative, providing Strategic, Tactical and Operational HR solutions and services to SME organizations in India.

It is imperative for organizations to have a creative and concrete HR team that provides seamless services for employees and ensure the needs of Talent Acquisition, Motivation and Retention is met. This makes HR as one of the most critical support functions.

Some organizations perceive that it is better to have an in house HR team to cater to their needs than an HR organization but a few of them who believe that “the ability for an HR organization is far superior; in attracting, developing, and retaining HR talent” have engaged MindsDirect and experienced a greater value than an in house function; in terms of:-

  1. Accountability – We own the complete HR function and own up for the outcomes of our initiatives,
  2. SLA Driven approach – Delivering at predetermined and agreed service levels,
  3. Activity based billing – Variable cost model “No more Fixed HR Department Cost”,
  4. Industry experience – Proactive approach to address challenges “Preventive measures over Corrective measures”,
  5. Attrition proof HR team – Continual service to employees,
  6. Scalable HR Function – Ability to mobilize work force during critical situations without adding a permanent HR cost.

MindsDirect’s competency has been developed over years of experience that enables it to plan, build and manage the HR function for clients.

MindsDirect operates on business models that are well customized and standardized to meet the client’s HR needs. MindsDirect’s team has constantly believed in making a difference to the client’s business performance through:

HR Audit – we conduct a detailed study of all HR practices followed by a well-organized report, that not only provides operational visibility but also acts as a comprehensive HR Manual.

HR Consulting Services – we work collaboratively with the client’s HR team to build HR processes and gain efficiencies; generally our contributions are towards Competency Mapping, Organization Development, Performance Management System, Compensation & Benefits.

HR Managed Services – we build and manage all the HR functions involved; Right from the operational level responsibilities of an HR Executive to the strategic role of an Head HR  (HR Outsourcing).

Hiring Engine – we offer a comprehensive solution to client’s hiring needs; once assigned to MindsDirect the client need not have to make any further investments on the recruitment and selection function; such as a database, job ads, phone, resource etc, the hiring engine comes with all the essential tools to ensure its success.

HR Support Services – we build and manage one or few of the HR functions; Induction / On-boarding / Behavioral Interview / Selection Process / Appraisal Process / Exit Interviews / Identifying Attrition Triggers.

Comprehensive Integrated Assessment – is a holistic approach aimed at profiling the employees of an organization for the purpose of increasing the percentage of top talent thereby leading to overall increase in productivity.

Compliance and Legal Services – we work on a retainer ship model to ensure our client organizations are compliant with Ever-Changing Employment Laws in India.

It is our performance and the drive to achieve excellence that has contributed to our growth.

Compliance and Legal Services – Comprehensive Integrated Assessment – HR Outsourcing – HR Managed Services – HR Audit – HR Consulting – Hiring Engine

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